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Although filters within the canopy help trap some grease particles
it is inevitable that grease will pass into the rear of the canopy and duct.
The accumulation of grease particles within the ductwork can lead to a reduction in
efficiency of the extraction system. This can lead to an unpleasant odour permeating the
whole building, a hot and humid kitchen due to lack of air circulation.
Ultimately, the build up of grease within the duct is a potential fire hazard to the entire
building. Extractsair can clean any length of kitchen ducting / trunking, fitting access
doors into the duct to ensure a thorough and hygienic clean.

You can improve business productivity if your employees, clients, customers and
visitors are in a building that has clean, fresh air.
Extractsair uses the latest range of specialised extraction devices, air jets and brushes
designed for specialised ventilation cleaning. This allow us to remove contamination
from your vents and disinfect where necessary during the air duct cleaning process,
depending on the design and layout of your system. Access to all areas of the
ventilation can be achieved with the installation of access doors into the vent to ensure
a thorough and hygienic clean.

It is well known that contaminated air is one of the
most common causes of Sick Building Syndrome.
Poor indoor air quality can result from biological
contamination, such as bacteria, moulds, pollen
and viruses that may breed in air ducts and dry
duct ventilation systems.
Health, Safety and Welfare regulations require
building owners and managers to ensure that
enclosed workplace's are properly ventilated with
fresh and purified air. Buildings where this is
provided by a mechanical ductwork system require
regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance. Also
a suitable record kept to support this compliance.
Light use
2-6 Hours per day
12 Monthly
Moderate use
6-12 Hours per day
6 Monthly
Heavy use
12-16 Hours per day
3 Monthly
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