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Extractsair strives to provide the highest possible standard of commercial kitchen
cleaning. Commercial kitchen cleaning is a cost effective way of addressing your
cleaning needs and maintaining a high standard of kitchen hygiene and cleanliness.
We usually recommend a one off deep clean at first followed by a regular cleaning
programme. Both the initial deep clean and the regular cleaning programmes are
offered at a discount rate as soon as a regular cleaning programme has been agreed.
Due to the fact your kitchen is receiving a regular clean the cost of this service will only
get cheaper.

Extractsair can undertake an industrial kitchen clean 24 hours a day 365 days of the
year to minimise the disruption to your usual trading hours.
Industrial kitchens can be present within factories, food processing plants, cruise ships,
airports, oil rigs...
The standard of hygiene and cleanliness expected within an industrial kitchen is
expected to be on par with that of any restaurant, hotel or bar. Due to the lack of
experienced staff or cleaners on site this is very often not the case.
An increase in food hygiene and food
safety regulations in recent years has
reinforced the need for catering facilities
to ensure thorough kitchen deep cleaning
programmes are in place. The law
requires all catering and food production
facilities to maintain a high standard of
food hygiene, food safety and
infrastructure / equipment cleanliness.
Periodic kitchen deep cleaning should be
in place for the equipment and structures
which are not fully cleaned as part of the
daily cleaning routine.
An initial kitchen deep clean is ideal for
businesses which have recently moved
into new premises and feel the general
cleanliness is not up to standard.
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Moderate use
6-12 Hours per day
6 Monthly
Heavy use
12-16 Hours per day
3 Monthly